What We Grow

We have many different kinds of vegetables to sell from late summer until the snow flies. The table below shows what we grow and when it is available in alphabetical order. The dates listed in the season of each vegetable are approximate. Weather conditions each year can cause these dates to vary.

BeansGreen and yellow beans Early August until mid September We have green and yellow beans. Sold in half pound clear plastic bags. If we have an abundance we also sell beans by the peck or half bushel.
Beets Early September until mid October Sold in quart boxes, by the half bushel, or by the bushel.
Broccolia head of broccoli Early September through October Sold by the head, half bushel, or bushel.
Brussels SproutsA stalk of brussels sprouts Mid September through late October Sold on the stalk or snapped off of the stalk in quart boxes
CabbageKaitlin Cabbage Mid September through December Cabbage is sold by the head in the market and can be ordered by the bushel (50 lb. bag). We also have red cabbage and savoy cabbage.
Cantaloupemelons in a cardboard bin Early August to mid September Sold individually at different prices depending on size. We also have Honeydew melons later in the cantaloupe season.
Carrotscarrots Mid September to late October Sold in quart boxes
Cauliflowercauliflower on a rack Early September to late October Sold by the head
Celery Early September to mid October Sold by the head
Cucumberscucumbers Early August to late September Sold individually, by the peck, or by the half bushel
Dilldill plants Early August to mid September Sold individually by the stem
Eggplant Late August to Early October Sold individually
Garlic Mid September to mid October or while supplies last Sold individually by the bulb
GreensCollard Greens Late August through October We have collard and mustard greens sold by the pound.
Gourds (and other fall decorations)fall decorations Mid September to early November Sold individually
HerbsVarious Herbs Early August to mid September We grow basil, sage, rosemary, thyme, cilantro, and peppermint. These are sold as live plants in a pack of four.
Kalekale Late August until November Sold by the pound.
LettuceButterhead lettuce Mid August to early October We sell individual heads of leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, and butterhead lettuce. We have red and green varieties.
Napa CabbageNapa cabbage Early September to mid November Napa (Chinese) cabbage is sold by the head or in 40 pound boxes.
OnionsRed and yellow onions Mid August to late October Sold by the pound or by the bushel.
PeppersBell Peppers Most of our peppers are ready by early August and we start getting colored bell peppers later in the year. We usually have peppers for sale until mid October. We grow sweet peppers and hot peppers. Our sweet peppers include green and red bell peppers, cubanelle peppers, and Hungarian peppers. For hot peppers we have jalapeno peppers, habanero peppers, and cayenne peppers. Peppers are sold individully, by the half bushel, or by the bushel. Smaller sized varieties are also sold by the peck.
Pickling Cucumberspickles in a basket Early August until late September Sold individually, by the peck, or by the half bushel.
Potatoes Early August to mid October We have red and yellow potatoes and they are sold in quart boxes
PumpkinsPumpkins on the yard We usually begin bringing pumpkins up for sale at the market by the third week of September. At the market each pumpkin is priced according to size. We also have pie pumpkins and white pumpkins for sale at the market. In October we have a pick your own pumpkin patch. We sell pumpkins by the bin (about 45 pumpkins) at wholesale prices if they are picked up at the farm.
Radishes Mid September to November We grow a white Korean radish variety and they are sold individually or in 20 pound boxes.
SquashSquash in a bin Squash is available from mid September through November or while supplies last. We grow Acorn, Butternut, Buttercup, Dumpling, Delicata, Spaghetti, Kabocha, and Hubbard varieties. Squash is sold by the pound, by the bushel, or by the half bushel.
StrawberriesStrawberries in quart boxes We begin picking strawberries in early June and the season lasts until late June. Strawberries are sold by the quart already picked and we offer pick your own strawberries sold by the pound.
Sweet CornSweet Corn Sweet corn is avialable in late July or early August and runs through about mid September. Sweet corn is sold by the dozen and can also be ordered by the bushel for eating or for freezing.
TomatoesTomatoes Early August to Early October Tomatoes are sold by the pound or by the half bushel already picked. Please call ahead to ensure availability. Pick your own tomatoes usually opens around the last week of August.
Watermelon Watermelons Early August to mid September Sold individually at different prices depending on size. We sell seeded and seedless watermelons.
Zucchini and Summer (Yellow) SquashZucchini and summer squash Available when the market opens in early August until late September Sold individually.

We also sell vegetable and herb plants out of our greenhouse in the spring. When the market is open we usually sell fruit (blueberries, apples, pears, and plums) from other local farmers depending on what is in season. If you didn't see the kind of vegetable that you are looking for in the above table then let us know - we may not grow it yet, but we like to try new vegetables for customers who want them!